Bedlam Paintball and paintballing Dundee

Bedlam Paintball Dundee - The Paintball site is situated about 40 minutes North of Dundee off the A90 at the Brechin turnoff.

Paintball Facts

  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Minimum group size weekend: None
  • Minimum group size mid week:10 on the Real Bedlam package
  • Start Times:
  • The starting times for each session at Bedlam Paintball is 10am, but customers are advised to get there at least half an hour before so that they can receive their paintball equipment and receive instruction from the marshals. The sessions generally run until about 3:30pm, with a break for lunch in between.
  • Is lunch included? Lunch is not provided on the day of the paintball game, however there is a shop on each site from which people can purchase cans of juice, tea/coffee, chocolates, pot noodles and hot pots. Having said this there are picnic facilities available at each site for which clients are able to use at their disposal.

Type of Paintball field / site

  • Woodland
  • Village
  • Open ground

More of paintball site

There are a variety of fantastic paintball games at the Dundee Paintball site including the communications tower, the village, a massive badlands and and equally huge dropzone.

Once you arrive a the Dundee paintball site you will be sorted out with all the equipment you'll need, including your Bedlam Paintball Overall, Inferno Marker, Stormtrooper Helmet, V-Force anti-mist mask and hopper. Once you have had your safety briefing then it's off for eight exciting paintball games, with a break in the middle for lunch.

The minimum age to play at Bedlam is 12. The above-mentioned GAME Bedlam package is specially designed for 12-17 year olds.

To participate in the adult games, you need to be 18 and over. However, an exception is made to this rule as 16 year olds are able to participate in the adult games if parents sign and date a parental consent form provided by Bedlam.

Paintball Package 1 - £39

The GAME Bedlam package is for 12 - 17 year olds. It costs £39 for a five game session and includes all equipment hire, site fees and insurance and 250 paint pellets (50 pellets per game). In addition to this, players receive a free reload voucher worth £5 entitling players to £5 off an extra 100 paintballs. It is imperative that the reload voucher be used in a game on that day.

Paintball Package 2 - £25

The GO Bedlam package is an adult package (adult being over 18 years of age). It costs £25 per person and includes 8 missions - 4 scenarios in the morning and 4 in the afternoon with a break for lunch in between. In addition to this, it includes all site fees, insurance and instruction from trained marshalls. It also includes all equipment hire such as a bedlam polywrapped jumpsuit, a stormtrooper helmet, goggles, v-force mask, inferno marker, hopper and enough CO2 to last all session.

And if that is not enough, it also includes a team photo which is downloadable from the bedlam website up to one week after the game. This package is a pay as you go package, which means that you buy paintballs as and when you need them on the day.

Paintball Package 3 - £49

The REAL Bedlam option is as per the GO Bedlam option but includes 300 paint pellets. This comes at a cost of £49 per person.

Directions to site

Leave the A90 just north of Brechin and follow the B966 through Inchbare to our venue just at the start of the Edzell Woods, just south of Edzell.

To book Bedlam Painball Dundee either email via our paintball form or call 0131 516 8222

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