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SiteI Paintball and paintballing Edinburgh

SiteI Edinburgh - Situated 5 miles from Edinburgh. SiteI has one of the largest paintball sites in Scotland, with different terrains to suit all the different game scenarios.

Paintball Facts

Type of Paintball field / site

Description of paintball site

The 70 acres of woodland has many different game zones. They have a safe zone with sheltered areas and benches, a shop where drinks and chocolate are sold, toilet facilities and a car park.

Some of their paintball games include:

Badlands - which is set woodland with a lake on one side, the aim of the paintball game is to work your way through the bushes watching out for enemy attack and retrieve the opponent's canister from their base and work your way back down the path to your own base watching out for enemy counter attack. Whilst you are doing this you have to successfully defend your own canister.

Braveheart - which is set in open ground with the only thing to hide behind, is a few metal barricades metal barricades. This is a fast flowing paintball game with a lot of action and a lot of excitement. The aim of the game is to eliminate the opposing team whilst trying to loose as little team members as possible.

The Bridge - It set is in a woodland area with two islands with a river running between them. The aim of the paintball game is to occupy both islands at the same island. If you manage to take control of the enemies island but loose your island then the game continues.

The Saloon - It is set in a woodland are with a fort and an old western Saloon Bar. This is an attacking and defending game. The defending team start in the Saloon Bar and their aim is to defend it at all costs and the attacking team have to take control of the bar buy eliminating all of those inside.

Paintball Package 1 - £19.99

Includes full days' paintball, full equipment rental, 100 paintballs each and a BBQ Lunch.

Book 10 or more and the organiser goes free

Directions to site

Directions - from Princes Street to SiteI Paintball in Dalmahoy

  1. Go along Princes Street to the West End.
  2. Onto Haymarket Take Dalry Road Keep straight all the way (along Dalry Road , Gorgie Road , Saughton Road , Broomhouse Road , Sighthill Road )
  3. Straight onto the A71 The site is located 1 miles down the A71 on the left hand side.
  4. SiteI banners outside at the entrance to the site.

To book SiteI Painball Edinburgh either email or call 0131 516 8222

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