Paintballing in Scotland, Great Deals for Groups

Paintballing In Scotland as you might of guessed is all about paintball and the sites that are scattered across this great country. 

There are some fantastic paintball sites across Scotland and our goal is to give you an honest opinion of each. We may not have visited all the paintball sites so would love to have some feedback good or bad of your experience. 

Paintball games are a favorite for corporate events, stag and hen parties and now growing in massive demand kids birthday parties.

We can arange paintball close or near to:

So some helpful tips to get you started on your paintball experience.

  • Make sure you wear old clothes and trainers, layers of clothing work best.
  • Don't go crazy firing your paintballs off in the first game, otherwise you will just run out
  • Most paintball sites include lunch if you are there for a full day.
  • Paintball is best played as a team, watch platoon and all your other favorite war films to learn all the different military tactics like diamond formation (only joking).
  • paintball gunThe majority of paintball sites will include all equipment an overalls.

You will be given a safety briefing by the paintball company, it isreally important you listen and follow the guide lines. You remember what happened in Byker Grove.

We hope you find out paintball site useful and give us a shout if you would like us to book a game for you.