Stirling Paintball, Paintball Sites Near Stirling

Great group deals for paintballing near Stirling, book online or contact us if you want other activities and accommodation.

Bedlam Paintball Day North Glasgow

£ 24.99 pp

Paintball north of Glasgow (Kirkintilloch) offering half and full day paintball action. Groups Welcome.

Paintball 100 West Edinburgh

£ 19.99 pp

Nothing quite like an event where you get the chance to shoot your mates at close range and they laugh about it. That's paintballing in Edinburgh for you!

Paintball Quads & Archery Triple Event near Stirling

£ 94.99 pp

Filled with Action and Lots of Laughs- Quad Bikes, Paintball and Archery Multi Activity Day in Stirling, between Edinburgh and Glasgow